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An ADSIAN with a large heart for humanity

“Give Compassion: Every day the average person fights epic battles never told just to survive.”

Ken Poirot

Compassion, like sunshine on an icy island, triggers a priceless smile on the face of the receiver. Compassion typifies the dealings of one of Adsian’s greats in her daily interface with humanity. As a mother of two, happily married for almost three decades, she dots over the landscape of our shared human experience as that resplendent nectar of love and empathy, in a world scandalised by the daily choking vicissitudes of life.

Fatima Umar Shehu, a certified yoga instructor/coach, a mental health facilitator with the Peak Network (reaching out to people, free of charge, to provide help in identifying and overcoming difficult issues affecting them) and member of the Muslim Women Medical Team (SOJ), heading the fitness and healthy lifestyle section, occupies an enviable page in the history of our ecosystem.

Being the CEO/MD of Rhythm N Flow Limited, an online Fitness, Health and Wellness Center, her services have met health and fitness needs of her clients in unique ways, not so common in our climes. Further to that, as the President of Ladies-de-Luxe, a Ladies only Club to empower, network, educate, entertain and motivate women; founder of LORON; a charity organisation providing assistance to any Nigerian child or woman, irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation; and a trustee and director of Keera Autism Foundation, a charity founded to provide care and support to children with autism and their parents, the doses of compassion she brings to people direly in need of it, compares to the finest acts of human kindness anywhere in the world.

Of Fatima Umar, one can say she lives and breathes charity. Humanity is her primary constituency. This explains why her devotion to transforming mankind seeps through every milestone in her life. As the Chairlady of Small World (International Women’s Organisation for Charity), and a charity organisation set up to raise funds for Nigerian charities, an executive member and Security Coordinator for Smaller a world; an International Charity Organisation, fundraising for children’s charities in Nigeria; one can tell that she is a spitting image of compassion.

Her remarkable track records in dealing with issues like depression, stress/anxiety, drug abuse, spousal abuse, and employability; have given a new lease of life to hundreds of people. What indeed would one expect from a past President of Shell Club Ladies Wing, PortHarcourt, and winner of the best President 2000/2001? Excellence, of course, at its peak!

Speaking on why she joined ADSI, she says:

I joined ADSI because it is an organisation that fits perfectly with my vision of restoring Arewa’s past glory, uniting our people to work as one, with a common goal.

We can’t rely on government or some other people to improve our region, because the work is just too much for them alone. Under the umbrella or banner of ADSI, we are directly involved in channelling our cause for positive and workable solutions. We do this through empowerment, education and enlightenment.

I don’t know of any organisation in the North, that is focused and working on helping our people, irrespective of their tribe, religion or political affiliation.”

What Fatima Umar, the indefatigable Sate Coordinator of ADSI, Borno State, brings to the table, together with the committed Adsians in Borno State, in the stride to restore the glory of Arewa, is immeasurable. She has been able to overcome many challenges to do what she does. She gives back to society generously. She believes in the unquantifiable potentials of Arewans. She believes that given the work being done in ADSI, the prospects for Arewa are high. That future, in which the dream of youth, women and children are possible, is sure to come, as long as all hands are on deck to make it happen.

It is for people like her and several other greats in ADSI, that one can heave a sigh of relief: that sigh that comes from the assurance of a better tomorrow for Arewa. Fatima Umar is in ADSI because she believes in the vision, and the empowerment of youth and women through hard and soft skills. She offers her best because she knows that we have the innate capacity, as human beings, to make great things happen. As the coming saying goes: where there is a will, there is a way. Join ADSI today. Together, we can build a virile Arewa!

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  1. Fatima is very passionate about Arewa,she is a team player,a goal getter and every serious minded person will want to work with her.Adsi is blessed to have her.

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