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A dynamic ADSIAN: a visionary per excellence

“Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.”

Roy Bennett

What sets apart the visionary from a common member of society is the former’s active commitment to change. The visionary conceives an idea, inspires others and takes the right steps to accomplishing it. In that class of visionaries, we have one of our own, a great ADSIAN, whose impact on humanity in the last two decades, has been quite monumental.

Tor-Solomon Abam, born more than five decades ago, hails from Benue State. He is a graduate of the great University of Jos and currently tidying up an Msc global marketing with the University of Roehampton, London. Though a sociologist by training, his knack for marketing leaves in his trails, the success of ideas and concepts, ranging from leadership, community development to entrepreneurship, which have radically transformed his sphere of influence in Benue and beyond.

His unique attributes as a leader, marketer and entrepreneur, spoke volumes in his stints with Data Century Limited Lagos, as a Marketing Executive from 1996-1999; and as Executive Director, African Flair Limited Jos and Abuja from 2000 to 2002. In his attempt to develop the business capacity of youths in the middle belt, he founded Middle Belt Youth Business Forum in 2003 and served as its president until 2011.

Driven by the passion for community development in his native home, with a particular focus on the youth, he, in 2004, in collaboration with the Tiv Traditional Council, then led by the late Tor Tiv, His Royal Majesty, Begha U Tiv, (IV) Orchivirigh, Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula, organised the Tiv Youth Summit, which became the bedrock upon which several talents found expression. Following that, his pledge to midwife the birth of great ideas amongst young people in the Tiv Nation and beyond, has revolutionized his strides amongst young people.

He has also served on the boards of various companies, a couple of which are: Fadug Global Services Nig. Limited, as its Managing Director, from 2011 to 2016, and New Era Capital Agro Limited, from 2018 to date. Tor-Solomon Abam also founded in 2019, Tor-Solomon Farms, serving as the Chief Executive Officer. The farms, established on over 200 hectares of farm land, specializes in mixed cropping, agro processing (rice/juice), and animal husbandry (particularly turkey and goat).

Speaking on why he joined ADSI, he says:

In 2019, a wonderful mother and daughter of Arewa, Mrs. Ladi Truman, whom my entrepreneurship activities crossed path with, shared with me, the great vision of ADSI. I found that initiative, committed to philanthropy and the capacity development of our people, quite enthralling! That explains why I didn’t hesitate to join, so I can also give back to society.”

Since that choice to join ADSI, he has worked hard to bring smiles to faces in Arewa. In his role as the Benue-FCT Administrator of ADSI, he has given his best to ensuring that lives are transformed.

Tor-Solomon Abam, like other ADSI’s greats, epitomizes the hope and devotion requisite in building a new Arewa. His passion for the betterment of the region informs his varied involvements and interventions through ADSI and other similar initiatives. He believes that a lot can be done if we all give the best we can. He personifies dexterity and a contagious resolve to attain great heights, against all odds.

It is true that ADSI is making a mark in Arewa in a spectacular way. It is the likes of Tor-Solomon Abam, men and women committed to giving back to society, who make ADSI work. You too can come aboard and play crucial roles in getting Arewa to its cherished destiny. It starts with the readiness to at least, sacrifice, N2000 per month, for the capacity development of our Arewans.


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  1. A great leader,a phylanthropist with great vision to make AREWA great, you are a blessing sir not only to ADSI and AREWA but the Nigeria, happy to have you in our mist..

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