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An ADSIAN breaks records in Brunel University, London

The silence of northern Nigerians is entrenched in their culture of simplicity and humility. It is so unlike an arewan to blow their trumpet, even when such is highly justified. This explains why one of the most recent PhD holders in Computer Science, from Brunel University, London, Dr. Nura Tijjani Abubakar, is relatively unknown. For a man who has consistently blazed nascent trails in computer science for the last one decade to be so unknown to many, flies in the face of Arewa’s unnerving prowess and extraordinary capacity.

From his humble beginnings in Jigawa State, Dr. Nura Tijjani Abubakar has risen through the ranks to become one of Africa’s most spectacular academic export in computer science.  His excellent research and networking skills, extensive work experience as a Lecturer and Head of Department, proven analytical expertise, strong attention to details, excellent time management, excellent communication and observational skills, pragmatic problem-solving skills, and sterling leadership skills, have all built into a rich encyclopaedic output that enriches academic discourses in computer science around the globe.

As a first class student in computer science, Dr. Tijjani has a broad and varied professional background in the IT industry spanning over two decades. From Informatics Institute Kazaure, Nigeria, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom to Brunel University, London, UK; his breath-taking antecedents in software systems, web and mobile applications design, amongst a litany of skills in IT, Nura Grafix, as he is fondly called, does Arewa proud.

It is thus, not astonishing, that in 2018, Nura represented Brunel and worked in NASA’s yearly coordinated event: the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE). NASA complex data and technologies developed a 3D Brunel Lunar Rover Vehicle (BLRV), which scours the moon surface in orbit and relay mineral deposits data down to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. Nura Tijjani is also involved in the European Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application (COLA) HORIZON2020 and Science Gateways Africa projects. He is also a Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) USA peer reviewer.

His marks in the pages of history are spectacular. With a passion for humanity’s progressive narratives and a penchant for uncommon ground-breaking strides in computer science, the future of Arewa is assured in so many ways. His commitment to ADSI has come to bear upon the unique website of the organization. Consistently, one finds Nura asking what more he can do for a better Arewa.

As a computer science whizz from our climes, his future plans for skills empowerment in computer science amongst Arewa’s youths, competes with the best of such anywhere in the world.

The good news is that there are many like him in northern Nigeria. Some are emerging, some are completely undiscovered. With a commitment of just N2000 every month, you too can help make another Dr. Nura Tijjani. Arewa is full of potentials! Only Arewans can tell their own story. We tell our story in every skill empowerment. We tell our story in every dime we sacrifice for the betterment of someone less fortunate than we are. Arewa truly typifies the real African spirit: I am, because you are. Come join ADSI today and help make another Dr. Nura Tijjani in no distant time.

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13 Responses

  1. This is really awesome and more of the very news that made my day been an Adsian and an IT personnel

    May the course of Adsi for it’s region keep gaining momentum

  2. This is really awesome and more of the very news that had made my day been an Adsian and an IT personnel.
    May the course of Adsi for it’s region keep gaining momentum

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