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ADSI blazes the trail in the implementation of some SDGs in Bauchi

ADSI’s commitment to transforming the plight of northern Nigerians is profound. One of northern Nigeria’s challenges is insecurity and insurgency.  The challenges posed by insurgency, for instance, are multifaceted. They range from the carnage of lives and properties to a total robbery of hope. This explains why in Rundi Bin Shuwa, a settlement for internally displaced Shuwa Arabs from Marte and Mafa, Borno State, ADSI made an intervention that transformed those Arewans who had to flee their lands due to insurgency.

The intervention focused on livestock rearing (chickens and goats), skills acquisition, public goods in form of motorcycles for transportation and borehole to help with portable drinking water in line with the United Nations SDGs 1-3, 5 and 6. This intervention package has enriched the lives of the refugees, assuring them of the possibility of returning to their normal lives.

Further to that, the intervention sets the tone for the emergence of a self-reliant people. Skill acquisition is the backbone of prosperous economies the word over. ADSI’s focus on it prepares northern Nigeria for a better tomorrow. This path is taken in the hope that more northern Nigerians will secure a means of livelihood, and by extension, enrich the regional economy and the nation at large.

With the readiness to sacrifice a minimum of N2000 monthly contribution, anyone can become a member of ADSI. The days of complaining about the deplorable conditions of our region are far gone. ADSI believes that northern Nigerians can make Arewa great. This belief coils around the hope we all nurse in the overwhelming and extraordinary capacity of the human spirit.

It is the hope that we will come into a north where our shared humanity is more important than our religious or political differences. Such hope assures a displaced person that in the midst of their misfortune, their fellow Arewan will rise to their rescue. Such hope reminds the one without skill or education that their plight is not theirs alone, but the concern of the whole community. It is the hope that north is all we have; thus the need to build it into an effulgent radiance of glory, in a world where anything is possible.

Join ADSI today and make a difference in Arewa!

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