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Driven by a vision: Muhammad T. Shehu

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Gail Devers

The inspiring life of Muhammad T. Shehu is one of the many good things with Arewa. Propelled by an overwhelming vision to better the lot of his region, he has at his age, accomplished so much in his attempts to transform our view of society, charity and sheer commitment to humane interventions geared towards making a better world. He is a well-read Fulani nomad. Having finished from Informatics Academy, Jigawa, he went ahead to study ICT at ICT University, Yaoundé, Cameroun.

As a board member, Youth Federation of Nigeria (YFN), Interim Vice President 1, Young Aspiring Leaders International (LOYAL INT’L), Assistant National PRO, Arewa Development Support Initiative (ADSI), Social Media Aide to the President, Nigerian Cancer Society (NCS), Jigawa State Youth Leader, Arewa Development Support Initiative (ADSI), a blogger, youth activist, ICT Professional, and humanitarian, one finds in his trails, the antecedents of a visionary who knows why he does what he does.

On ADSI, his commitment to the dissemination of vital pieces of information to members and the public, is exemplary of a PR professional devoted to ensuring a compelling image for ADSI. Thus, from ADSI to other platforms on which he has served, his stunning works dub him as a unique image maker, leader and ICT professional, familiar with cutting edge practices in his field. His knack for creativity and mind mastery has again made him the go-to-person in getting the attention of youths in Arewa.

Muhammad T. Shehu believes that with a vision, nothing is impossible. He believes that nothing is as limiting as the absence of a vision. It is on this premise that as the Founder/CEO, Bebeji Development Forum (BEDEFO), an apolitical and non-governmental organization, he commits to community development, tailored at the empowerment of communities in the areas of education, agriculture, health, and skills acquisition. He believes that when these communities are given the means via which they can become active participants of life, they will eke out a means of livelihood, and by extension, contribute immensely to the beauty, betterment and progress of our ecosystem.

As a young, upwardly mobile Arewan, constantly on the move for the growth and development of Arewa, his allies find in him, loyalty, self-sacrifice and the readiness to give his all as far as it has to do with the development of Arewa. One finds him plying all kinds of roads to reach indigent Arewans in some of the remotest parts of Jigawa and Kano, arising from the fact that he stops at nothing to give his best for the betterment of another. He is currently a Programme Analyst at National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

Given his desire to build an Arewa that is the cynosure of eyes, his relevance in strategic youth fora across the region is not in doubt. With a very profound interest in politics, good governance, public service and community development, Muhammad T. Shehu pulsates through living history as a humanitarian driven by a vision that transforms, challenges, inspires and reminds us of what humanity is all about.

In the architectural layout of building the Arewa of our dream, he is a capstone of reason and wisdom, a gust of contagious passion, a lover of humanity, a shelter in the rains, a lighthouse of hope and a tireless emissary of endless possibilities. He typifies the quality of leadership expected from the younger generation. He stands tall when the chips are down. He keeps moving when common sense should have told him to give up. His faith staggers. His vision enlivens. His love for Arewa motivates.

You too can join Muhammad T. Shehu on ADSI, to make a difference in many lives. One individual at a time. One community at a time. One state at a time; and before we realize, we have built an Arewa with pride, dignity, progress and vision. It all begins with a vision.

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  1. Of course, Muhammad T. Shehu is beyond your description as a vibrant youth with adult mindset. I’m proud of him and always wish him to get more courage, access and opportunity for the benefits of our mases.

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