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“ADSI is an NGO I will love to work with and recommend to others because I believe they are doing a fantastic job.” Ali Jita

In a recent interview with one of northern Nigeria’s ace music artist, Ali Jita, he draws our attention to some of the things that must be done to as parts of efforts in building the northern Nigeria of our dream.

In a song which he collaborated with other artists to produce: arewa mu farka, he is frank about the deplorable condition of our region. Together with other artists, he calls Arewa to wake up. He challenges us to wake up to the realities of our region, working as hard as it is needed to build a pyramid of greatness and prosperity. There is no gainsaying the fact that the progress of Arewa is in the hands of Arewans.

It is for this that the initiative of ADSI attracts high-profile individuals within the region and beyond. With just N2000 and above from each member, every month, lives are being transformed, hope is being restored and means of livelihood are being obtained.

Below is the interview I had with Ali Jita

Hello sir, it’s nice to meet you. Can you please introduce yourself?

It’s nice to meet you too. First of all, my name is Ali Isah Jita, commonly known as just Ali Jita. I was born in Kano.  I had my tertiary education in Lagos. After that, I came back to Kano to pursue my career in entertainment. Currently, I am a Nigerian musician, passionate about a style of music that reflects my northern origin and heritage, as well as my beliefs about life.

How did you get into the entertainment industry?

Well, I was inspired by my childhood music idol crew, Westlife. I began by imitating their songs as often as I wanted to. As that passion grew over the years, I started composing my own songs. When I felt I had something to offer, I went to the studio to produce my first songs and as it is often said of things like this, the rest, after that debut, is history.

Among the works you have done, which one are you so proud of?

I have sung a lot of songs and I am extremely proud of all the songs and the efforts I have put into them. But my most exciting projects which give me a lot of joy are the songs I sing for different people. I am always pleased to see the joy and excitement on their faces.

Your collaboration on the song, Arewa mu farka, is great. How can we use music to engender social change in northern Nigeria?

I feel music is a general language worldwide. It is a language everyone understands even when one does not necessarily understand what the song is saying. For example, I sang a song titled “Love.” I remember a fan reached out to tell me she liked the song even though she does not understand the lyrics of the song. Yet, the song reaches her deeply. Her experience is typical of that of others. As such, I believe music is the best tool for social change. It can unite a people and bring them together, irrespective of differences.

What do you think can be done to better the lot of northern Nigeria?

Talking about northern Nigerians, I think the best way to better their lot is to create more opportunities for education. One thing about the north is we love going to school, if you take a look at our Islamic schools. They are full because we love to learn, and it will be the same if we had the same encouragement for western education. To build a great northern Nigeria, northern Nigerians must embrace other kinds of education, apart from Islamic education.

Given the milestones so far attained in ADSI, is this an NGO you may consider joining or recommending for other northern Nigerians?

ADSI is an NGO I will love to work with and recommend to others because I believe they are doing a fantastic job.

You can follow Ali Jita on Instagram: @alijita1. I have shared Arewa mu farka here. Enjoy and come aboard ADSI!


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