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ADSI, Kano Chapter, offers over 30 youths a means of livelihood

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

At the artery of effective and sustainable interventions, is the focus on building the capacity for self-reliance. Giving an individual a skill, with which a means of livelihood can be obtained, is akin to giving that person life. ADSI’s recent milestone in Kano, focused on the empowerment of more than 30 young Arewans, trails that path which uncovers the rich possibilities and potentials of our young people.  

In a youth empowerment seminar spanning weeks, ADSI, under the supervision of African Institute of International Development Professionals (Idevpro African Institute), at the Ado Bayero House, Kano, trained over 30 young beneficiaries on every detail of running a poultry farm.

Beginning with the theory, which lasted 23 days, participants were taught on the history of poultry, basic external anatomy, basic internal anatomy, getting started, fundamentals of poultry production, quick reference for brooder heat, quick reference feeder height, quick reference water height, layers and breeders, incubating eggs, using hens to hatch eggs, selecting breeders, selecting for meat, selecting layers, identifying good laying hens, feeding poultry, poultry diseases, some common poultry diseases, vaccines 1, biosecurity, and record keeping.

That class session was followed by a practical session which lasted 22 days. During the practical sessions, facilitators led their students to A.M. Hassan Ventures and A.M Hassan Veterinary Clinic, Kano, where a Professor of Veterinary Medicine, exposed the students to poultry diseases, vaccines, and treatments. The practical and interactive session deepened their grasp of the things they had learnt in the theoretical sessions.

Another one-week session led them to Nagarta Farm, where a monogastrics nutritionist trained them on the practical establishment of a poultry farm. That session covered issues in brooding which includes: pre-placement activities, light management, water management, feeds management, and air/ventilation management. After that, they visited Kano State Incubation Centre and Kano State Ministry of Agriculture (poultry unit), for sessions on how to handle incubation and egg hatching.      

In furtherance of the practical application of the theory, they had to visit Tafawa Balewa Feeds in Kano, to learn about feeds formulating and compounding. After the training there, they practically formulated the feeds to a grand success. Finally, at Tarauni Market, they learnt about meat processing and marketing. That also led them to Hybrid Poultry Company to see a battery cage.

On a whole, not a single detail was missed. ADSI’s commitment to meeting standards, aimed at offering the best possible service, skill or empowerment program to Arewans, sparkles on the road to our collective Eldorado, as that gem of inspiration, which reminds us that our possibilities are endless. Most of the beneficiaries of the Kano Poultry Farm empowerment session have gone ahead to secure a means of livelihood through poultry farming. This is the reason ADSI exists, to grant dreams wings to fly. This important milestone has been attained as a result of the N2000 minimum monthly contribution to build Arewa for Arewans. Imagine what more can be done, if you join ADSI today!

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