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A teacher changes the world

That young lad in your class may be nothing right now, but give a few years from now, and the story is completely different. Teachers over the years have made such an impact in our lives that nothing in the world compares to. In this music piece, dedicated to teachers, the singer eulogizes the overwhelming […]

Every good thing starts with a good move

In this oscar-winning short film of less than two minutes, we learn a lesson that challenges and inspires. She could have been as selfish as others. She could have held on to her position given her physical challenge. She had many reasons to refuse to budge, but she didn’t. As we relax and have fun […]

Touch my food, pay with your life

The Hausa man has a saying which is often used when something comes around or happens at just the right time. In this hilarious encounter of a famished young man with a goat, the end simply justifies the means. He had his plate full of rice and some two pieces of meat. He is ready […]

Two smart comedians

So this guy all along knew he must have lost his 1k? As much as the other guy pretended as if he simply wanted to put his trousers in good order, the one whose money is lost refused to budge. He was going to wait to see the end. We have exceptional comedians in northern […]

When The Tables Turn

As funny as this video is, it teaches how smart we generally can be in a desperate situation. The speed with which this victim of banditry pretended to be blind is classic.   This weekend has been great for ADSI. From the investiture of our own Dr. Zainab Kawaru as Presisent of Medical Women Association, […]

One man’s food is another man’s poison

We have differences of all kinds. This laughable episode describes one. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. We have to tolerate and understand one another, in spite of the many differences we have.   ADSI bridges our divides and builds that community in which the struggle of all, in northern Nigeria, is a […]

The Frustrating Sister-in-law

When you have a sister-in-law this frustrating, life can become a living hell. You find them always anywhere, fighting for their kid brothers before the new bride becomes larger than life. In this rib-cracking comedy, we watch a dressing down of a bride by her sister-in-law.  What are the bride’s offences? Offence number one: she […]

Before you conclude you are powerful, think again

In this funny encounter, the local vigilante thinks himself a great man until the tables turn. What one notices in our comedians is their passion for what they do. They are committed and focused. Given the great strides of ADSI in the last two years, imagine once more, what a well developed entertainment industry in northern […]

Ibro, Daushe Scuffle Over Fiancée

In this very funny video, Ibro is in love with the same girl Daushe is in love with. Daushe understands only Hausa. Instead of doing all he can to fight for the love of his life, he rather fights his competitor, Ibro. To add insult to injury, it seems his competitor is way more refined […]

Arewa, wake up

“ADSI is an NGO I will love to work with and recommend to others because I believe they are doing a fantastic job.” Ali Jita In a recent interview with one of northern Nigeria’s ace music artist, Ali Jita, he draws our attention to some of the things that must be done to as parts […]