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ADSI transforms lives in Jigawa

“Never chase opportunities. Let it come to you by creating value and building rare skillsets.”

Johannes Larsson

It is no longer news that the poverty index in Jigawa is high. The living standard of an average Arewan from Jigawa is a far cry from what is expected locally and globally. As such, interventions aimed at building a system that improves lives, while offering capacity empowerment that can enhance their means of livelihood, are critical and germane in pulling the state out of the quagmire of poverty. It is on this premise that ADSI’s visionary leadership in the state, led by Hashim H. Hashim, launched a capacity development program, which skilled beneficiaries to access a new means of livelihood.

The 50 beneficiaries of the intervention received training and skill acquisition in catering, ICT, tailoring, make-up artistry and agro (poultry management). The training lasted a couple of days, followed by intensive internship with local experts within Jigawa. When the beneficiaries graduated on the 25th day of May, 2021; they were not immediately certified, so as to assess their practical use of the skills acquired. They were, however, given their start-up packages, based on the areas in which they were empowered. That measure led to the emergence of some exceptional beneficiaries, who proved to ADSI that the capacity investment was not in vain.

Abdullahi Umar Kukuma, who participated in Agro (Poultry Management) training, went ahead to become a poultry farmer. His business in poultry management currently flourishes and has prospects for a big boom in the future. Similarly, Tasi’u Umar, skilled in catering services, now runs a small classic eatery at the Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State.

Another beneficiary, empowered with a tailoring skill to explore the fashion and design industry, began sewing attires before the final graduation. He put on one of the samples of his attires to the graduation ceremony. In the same vein, Aisha Lawan Mustapha, Yahanasu Yahaya and Maryam Babangida Usman, who were trained in the art of facial make-up for ladies, have already landed their maiden business deals. In addition to that, Ibrahim Haruna & Abdullahi Saleh trained on some ICT skills, have made great progress. Ibrahim’s shop now offers small-scale printing services and graphics design. Abdullahi’s computer centre has made financial progress to the point of affording one more computer for the business centre.

The milestones so far attained means that the beneficiaries have secured their means of livelihood. That may look quite small to someone who is well-off, but this means the world to these great Arewans. This is what makes ADSI great.

Coming to the conclusion that we are great only if everyone in some way, can afford the basic needs of life, is the core of humanity. The smiles ADSI puts on the faces of men and women in Arewa will dazzle on the road of our collective journey to a better Arewa for a long time.

There is so much your financial sacrifice accomplishes, each time you make it. The sacrifice lands in the hand of the beneficiary like that priceless laurel an athlete has put his life on the line to win. Miracles happen every day. You are the miracle someone is waiting for. Your generosity is a miracle. It accomplishes a lot more than you can ever imagine. That commitment to ensuring the betterment of another, is at the top of the greatest acts of human kindness. Join ADSI today. Transform a life with your generosity. Get one more Arewan off the streets of despair and pessimism. It is in our hands: the Arewa of our dreams.

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