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Abdullahi Hamza: Arewa’s Emerging Inventor

The core of ingenuity coils around an innate capacity for outstanding creativity, backed by passion and a desire to simplify human life. On this lane, one finds the quietly ingenious antecedents of Jigawa born Arewan, Abdullahi Hamza, a staggering reminder of our remarkable possibilities and the capacity to reach heights hitherto thought impossible for our people.

With just an Ordinary National Diploma in Sharia and Civil Law from Jigawa State Polytechnic, 30-year old Abdullahi Hamza has proved to the world that there is a lot more than just a higher level of education when it comes to raw ingenuity. Without any prior formal education in technical education, his immense contribution to the world of science and technology, competes with the best attainments in technology anywhere in the world.

Abdullahi Hamza: Arewa’s Emerging Inventor 1

So far, given a voracious consumption of the Internet and libraries, he can make many things related to electricals and mechanicals like mobile phone accessories: phone charger, earphones, etc, home appliances like: fan, electric cooker, solar cooker; mechanical items like: motorcycle spare parts, and automobile parts, and others related to health and security devices.

He hopes to some day in the future, given the needed support, build a technical school, from where Arewa’s youth can let their ingenious technical imagination simply run wild. He believes we can  stop the importation of so many mechanical and electrical appliances because we have all it takes to locally fabricate them. When his vision becomes a reality, it will eradicate poverty, empower our teeming youth, and place us on the world map, as one of the most virile economies in the world.

What I have beheld in the young Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison of our region, is the humbling possibility of the human mind. It is yet shocking, that young people like him do not have the needed support and atmosphere to practically showcase what they have for the betterment of our world. This young man is unstoppable. The prospects of his ingenuity are sky-high. Nothing is as enlivening as noticing that all we are as a people, is all we need.

Abdullahi Hamza simplifies the wonders of modern technology. He makes it clear that we can fabricate just about anything. University professors and researchers in technological outputs to solve the problems of mankind have consistently reached him to find solutions to some of their research needs. What Hamza needs is support.

Abdullahi Hamza: Arewa’s Emerging Inventor 2

It is true, from this genius, that we are  not at the backwaters of civilisation. There is a lot our people can do. The story of Abdullahi Hamza needs to go wide and far. Inventors like him can help us solve a lot of problems with just one of their masterpieces. The many things he has invented so far tells us a lot about other possibilities. Let’s do something about such rare gift to our region. Our entrepreneurs should look into partnering with him to float companies that produce one or some of the many things he can fabricate.

He is serious about what he does. He has the technical expertise. He has the intelligence. The only thing holding him back is the support to have his personal workshop or the access to funding to acquire basic tools and raw materials to birth his ingenious ideas.

Arewa Development Support Initiative is here for people like him. Imagine what our support can do for a young man like this! He has a lot to offer to our world. Come on board! Make that monthly sacrifice of N2000 or more, so we can help Abdullahi Hamza. He is one of our trump cards in competing for the best possible life for our people in the present and the future to come.

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